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The Best & Newest Android Games 2022: The Most Exciting

If you are a fan who often uses smartphones for gaming needs, then surely you have a large collection of HD games on your favorite smartphone. Indeed, Xiaomi phones are indeed equipped with capable gaming capabilities. Even the Xiaomi HP Price of 1 Million is also mostly able to run HD games.

Although basically playing HD games is an exciting thing because you can get the experience of playing high games, some of the games that are currently booming in 2020 themselves are not games with high-class fear. Call it the worm game which is booming in early 2020 where it can't be predicted this game is also on the rise and even more and more users every day.

Some of the best Android games this year can only be played on mobile phones with upper-middle class specifications. But there are also some games with high popularity that you can still play with lower-middle-class smartphones so smoothly.

For this time we will provide interesting recommendations regarding the Best Android Games that you must play this year. Where the recommendations this time we get from various sources and also the rating on the game. Here are the full Recommendations.

Free Fire

Who doesn't know this cool game? This game made by big developers, Garena, is the most played battle royal game this year. How not with a strong batteroyal treat, this game can still be played on cellphones with lower-middle specifications.

free download android games - Free Fire, which used to be not free fire, is now because this game has received so many updates so that this game is more interesting to play. Free fire is a game that has got a lot of skins and characters that you can play.


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