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Have Parenting Goals

The next parenting tip is the importance of having parenting goals. There are still many parents who do not have clear parenting goals. Most just educate their children without clear patterns and indicators. Even though the purpose of parenting is important in smart parenting.

Parents should make parenting goals since the child is born. The thing that should be prepared is an agreement with your partner, what priority will be given to children, and how the approach will be taken.

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Full Responsibility

Full responsibility is obligatory for parents. Although currently most children are cared for by babysitters or in-laws, this does not mean that parents can leave childcare to focus on work.

The figure of mother and father must always be by the side of their child. Lack of time together can strain the parent-child bond. As a result, children will not be open to their parents and tend to be neglectful.

Give Appreciation

The next Parenting Tips is the need to give appreciation to children. As a parent, don't forget to give praise when your child achieves something. Appreciation doesn't need to be a gift, just a congratulation.

By getting appreciation, children will feel appreciated for their efforts and will be more motivated to get other appreciation.

Don't Criticize Overly

Children will often make mistakes whether intentional or not. As parents, our job is to remind these mistakes and what impact they can have.

But don't let our delivery turn into excessive criticism. If you continue to get criticism, the child's mentality can fall. This can lead to a reluctance to try something out of fear of being overly criticized.


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